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General Consultation A full hour consultation to answer all of your move abroad questions! Not sure about where to move? Have specific questions about your future home? Need to know about childcare and schooling in an area? This is the consultation for you! $40
Long-Term Housing Consultation Looking for long-term accommodation? Let us help you! We will first consult with you about your wants and needs, then we will hit the streets looking for the perfect home for you! You will have a list of 3 to 4 homes from which to choose. Don't worry, all of the hard work will be done by us! $300
Short Term Housing Consultation Need help finding short-term (3 months or less) accommodation? This consultation is for you! We will talk about what you need and want, then I'll send you a list of 3 accomodations from which to choose! All of the work will be done for you. All you do is decide between the three! $150
Express General Consultation Only have a few questions? This is the consultation for you! Quick and to the point, the Express Consultation won't take up too much of your time and will give you answers to your move abroad questions. $25
Group Consultation Consultation for groups of 4 to 10. Have a group trip coming up? Moving to a new country with family and friends? This is consultation is for you! All group calls done via Zoom. $100
Personal Shopper Dar es Salaam Have items you want to purchase from Dar es Salaam? Let us do the shopping for you! We will shop for you...and take you with us of course via video call! All prices are per shipment. Cost of goods and shipping not included. $100


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